Small Group Travel, why?

Small Group Trekking

Tourism trends are changing significantly, and the emerging trend of small group tours is a travel transformation which we at Curious Journeys have been promoting and are ready for.

Our small group escorted tours, supports the growing trend of responsible travel where we consider the emotional component of travel, and we design our itineraries with the opportunity to give back to local communities while our guests are on their travel adventures.

The world is big and we as humans have a yearning to explore it. It is difficult to learn different languages, cross different borders and negotiate different cultures as a traveler and better what better way is there, than traveling in a small group where you can enjoy your travels to the fullest. Instead of worrying about logistics you can get into the social vibe of the group and focus all your energy on having the experience of a lifetime.

Small Groups

Women Travel Groups

Our small group escorted tours are small enough to feel like you're exploring a destination on your own, but big enough to give you a feeling of comfort. The size of the groups vary between 8 - 10 travellers. We found it is a great number for making friends for the duration of the journey and these friendships tend to last forever after the journeys.

One of the niche travel trends for small groups is pilgrimage and faith-based travel.

With this in mind we will be concentrating on itineraries to send travellers to sacred and religious sites where annual pilgrimages take place.

This trend is affording the traveler a very fulfilling and immersive experience.

Stress Free Travel

Stress Free Travel

We have put much thought and research into our itineraries, so that you can be freed up of hours of agonising over every detail of travel planning. What better way to enjoy your travel than to leave all these stresses to someone who understands your travel style. For those who like travelling solo, a small group tour has its advantages for you too - it means a group of ready-made like minded friends who enjoy exploration, just like you.

Getting The Balance Right

Culture and Heritage Travel

The itineraries of our escorted small group tours are well thought out with the perfect balance between planned activities and "you time", we try not to cramp your style completely, it is your holiday after all. Even though we have an itinerary (like this one) to stick to you will always find time to visit those fabulous cafe's, eateries, do some great shopping and get involved in some of your own adventure.

Good Value For Your Money

Taj Mahal, Agra

Curious Journeys has other styles of travel packages, all of which come with inclusions of great value. The best value though for a traveler is in group tours. All inclusions of normal packages are offered at very reasonable rates.

You can always be assured that we make use of the best expert local guides at destinations to bring more meaning to your visit.

The accommodation at the destinations on the itineraries are hand picked for the tour, we have balance between heritage stays, boutique family run homestays and best hotels.

Our itineraries include road trips and we assure the quality and comfort of the vehicles to be used and our drivers are professional and some of the drivers are well versed and entertaining.

Our itineraries promise to bring the traveler into the heart of a destination!

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