• Michele Immelman

Reminiscing Leisurely Goa

When traveling in India for long periods of time, one needs to escape the hustle and bustle of cities and larger towns. Fortunately India has Goa. 100kms, officially 105kms along the West Coast of India on the Arabian Sea lies Goa. Sun seekers destination for many international holiday makers. There are 50 beaches on the Goa coastline, most have beautiful palm trees, sandy beaches and resorts to suit all budgets.

My travel buddy and I made my our way towards Panaji, the capital of Goa. First things first, scooters were organised for our duration in Goa. The relaxed atmosphere in the villages and along the coastline makes scootering a pleasure.

So many remnants of Portuguese influence is to be found in Goa. Architecture, wooden finishes in buildings, furniture…..

Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church on a hill side overlooking Panaji

Church of Mae de Deus, a striking reminder of the Portuguese influence in Goa

Hand painted tiles tell the story of Portuguese settlers landing on the shores of Goa

With all of the Portuguese culture we experienced in, we were never too far away from the Indian as we know it, like elephants on the rural roads, plenty of farming activities, temple visits, handmade paan sellers on the streets.… 

Our resort near to Arjuna was the perfect place to take in the relaxing sights and sounds of Goa beach life by day. For five days of our stay, in the early evening, we would head out on our scooter to the local Ayurvedic doctor’s rooms for intensive cleansing treatment which of course encourages healthy eating and abstinence from any alcoholic beverages. But, being the adventure folk who we are, this did not deter us from enjoying Goa’s abundantly fun nightlife. 

The speciality in the Arjuna area is the Wednesday flea market. It’s a buzz with activity, craft, clothing and food stalls

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