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I love the challenges of visiting unusual places and having an attitude of mindfulness for the destination. To me solo travel and long term travel is the ultimate adventure for realising self improvement.

New countries, different cultures, new ways of life! These are the things that stimulate my mind and pique my interest for global travel.

Tibetan Monk in the Himalaya
Tibetan Monk in the Himalaya

As a general rule, food is never a big item on my list of daily activities. Yet, when I travel I am quite okay with eating something that makes me say things like "Gosh! Normally I would never consider putting this into my mouth". Even though I don't like it, I feel at least my travels have made me adventurous enough to taste the unknown.

My travel itinerary will always include somewhere I would normally not go. Museums, forts and palaces! Even though the sound of trudging around these places is something I would steer away from, I challenge myself to make an effort to experience the architectural and historic wonders of destinations. I make them interesting by making use of the service of either an audible recording, or my favourite is to listen to another well versed person telling me about the place and its history. Needless to say a magnificent world of history, art and culture has opened up to me.

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur
Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

Such was my experience when I "stumbled", by accident, into the town of Fatephur in Shekawati, India. I would have missed experiencing the beauty of the wall art of the buildings in this region.

Haveli with painted walls in Fatephur, Shekawati, India
Haveli with painted walls in Fatephur, Shekawati, India

A trip into the rural areas of destinations is of my very best experiences about my travels. This is a fun and exciting way to learn about a country and its people - mingling with the local folk who still live according to their cultural norms.

In Udaipur, on the steps which lead into Lake Pichola there is a hive of activity on a daily basis, people will be washing their clothing, doing their daily ablutions and partaking in the every day gossip of the community. This is a paradise of inspiration for a travel photographer or a travel writer.

Lake Pichola Udaipur
The steps into Lake Pichola Udaipur

In Nepal, most of the villages are perched on terraced farmlands that overlook beautiful valleys. Life is very rudimentary, houses are used mainly for sleeping and all daily activities like cooking, washing utensils, huddling around kindling fires, having family discussions all take place outside.

The families are subsistence farmers in that they grow their own crops. At each house you will find a few chickens running around, a buffalo or two tethered by rope to a tree and a couple of goats. The villagers eat well and the staple dish is Dal Bhat, a mouthwatering thali. These meals are prepared on clay stoves in the house or in a room adjacent to the house.

Travel has made me discover hidden talents on which I have built my travel business. My passion for photography has played a huge part in the promotion of my business. The writer within me has been awakened in that I have made many travel writing contributions to industry publications.

These off the beaten track experiences expose hidden gems on travels. Tourist trails are, by definition, popular. That’s where everyone goes. But it’s the back alleys, lost temples, and forgotten hot spots where the magic really lies. Discovering these hidden gems is another reason I love travel!

This is where interacting with the locals can be so helpful. They’ll tell you about the lesser known places to explore.

A remote Dhaba in the Spiti Valley
A remote Dhaba in the Spiti Valley

My passion for travel is quite evident as you have gleaned from this article. I hope you enjoyed it. If you would like to leave a comment please do so in the comment section of the blog.

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