How With Passion We Bring To You The Creative Heart Of Curious Shopping

Updated: Jul 7

"What can I do to keep the enthusiasm for 'things India' alive"? I ask myself.

So, as the pandemic months go by I learn more and more about the tapestry of Indian culture that is woven in many threads. Hours of attending Zoom presentations, joining textile groups on social media is my education platform and my encouragement to introduce a new feature within Curious Journeys. My curiosity cannot take a back seat and I explore the world of textile as presented in the India Textile Tour and the Textile Tour of Manipur and Assam offered by Curious Journeys.

Kullu Shawl Weaving Process. Image by Dastkari Haat Samiti
Kullu Shawl Weaving Process. Image by Dastkari Haat Samiti

As a consequence Curious Shopping takes shape as an online platform to embellish our world with cultural threads.

Let us very briefly explore the origin of the textiles and products presently on offer by Curious Shopping.

Vankar Weaver Community - Bhuj, Gujarat

The Vankar community is best known for its accomplished weaving tradition and artisanal production which flourishes near the town of Bhuj, Gujarat in India. The work produced by the Vankars is in a class of its own and difficult to copy. Whoever purchases the high quality work produced by the Vankars are creating an opportunity for the advancement of Vankar's weaving and dyeing skills to a competitive level globally.

Weaving community Bhuj, Gujarat
Typical weaver village Bhuj, Gujarat

The Vankar spinners and weavers are also able to work with India's kala cotton. This variety of cotton has evolved under desert conditions and does not require excessive irrigation or pesticides to flourish.

Kala Cotton Shawls by Curious Shopping

The kala cotton is hand spun and handwoven by the artisans and the shawl softens beautifully with every wash. ​ These shawls are finished off with tassels and can be used both as dupatta and as a shawl.

A collaboration of like minded, free spirited artisans work together under the banner of United Artisans of Kutch, co-ordinated by Kuldip Gadhvi, in an effort to design and create their products and sell directly to customers.

Kutch is home to some of the world's most incredible, traditional textiles and handicrafts. The ancient crafts of the area have evolved over time and recently there has been a renewed appreciation for handmade and hand printed, naturally dyed items which have now become fashionable and sought after.