Himalayan Haven - A Responsible Travel Project

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Text by: Poonam Rawat-Hahne, Images supplied by: Poonam Rawat-Hahne

In association with Fernweh Fair Travel Uplifting Communities, Curious Journeys is introducing culturally immersive and adventure travel experiences ranging from eco-friendly home-stay / forest cabins / permaculture eco retreat. Tours through vibrant markets and treks along the Indian Himalayan trails.

80% of profit generated through this Responsible Travel Project is reinvested into the social, educational and environmental projects of the Bachan Charitable Trust, strengthening this NGO and furthering its mission of uplifting local communities and support underprivileged families.

Himalayan Haven Experience Summary

In practicing responsible travel with, guests are invited to indulge in a sensory banquet consisting of an authentic Himalayan culinary sojourn, cultural immersion and adventurous treks through quaint mountain villages, majestic mountain capes and breathtaking river valleys. These unforgettable experiences serve to uplift the local communities, supporting social and economic development, while helping to preserve the natural environment

Village Handicrafts Program

Community Immersion Program

Experiencing an authentic Himalayan village life in these remote communities. Trekking through remote villages and enchanting, photogenic terrains. Discovering century old houses and understanding Himalayan architecture. Traditionally cooked meals using locally grown ingredients in the village. An understanding of women’s roles in society and the opportunity to support them through sustainable income

Culinary Experiences

First, we eat, then we do everything else… The food of the Himalayas is by far an imperative aspect of our cultural experiences. We provide guests with the utmost authentic culinary experiences consisting of locally-grown, organic, home-cooked meals.

Walks in organic gardens to introduce the herbs