Ha Long - Another Quirky Side to Vietnam

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

In my pursuit of finding things for travellers to do on the days "off" from planned itineraries, I have come up with a few experiences with a difference in Ha Long.

Take a cycling tour

Halong Bay is well known for its laid back atmosphere and if you want to check this out for yourself then you need to rent yourself a bicycle

There are bicycle tours that you can take all over the region, or you can go it alone and explore at your leisure

There is no better way to tour Halong Bay than by cycling down to the various beaches on Cat Ba Island and the going for a refreshing swim at the end of a long bike ride.

Go spelunking at Hang Sung Sot Cave

Hike up a steep path and explore the wild cave systems of Hang Sung Sot Cave which is located at Bon Hon Island .

There are two different chambers in the cave which soar to a height of some 30 meters.

The inner chamber is known for having a number of stone formations that are said to look like sentries lining up and there is even a stone in the center of the cave that looks like a general talking to his troops.

Light reflections inside the Hang Sung Sot Caves

As the light streams across the water and makes flickering patterns on the inside of the cave, it looks as if the formations are coming to life.

Go diving

Diving is one of the top activities in Halong Bay and the islands are the perfect place to enjoy the underwater delights in this part of Vietnam.