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Beauty, baubles and bangles - a Gujarati way of life

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Gujarat is a culturally enriched state on the western coast of India and its vivacity reflects through the traditional Gujarati costumes which seem to be unchanged through the ages. The cultural dress of Gujarat shows a remarkable variety across the various communities inhabiting the state.


The people are commonly referred as Gujaratis and the main language spoken by them is Gujarati. The diverse ethnic groups constituting the Gujarati population are Hindu, Muslim and Jain minorities.

Arts and Crafts

Embroidery, printing, block printing on textile, wood carving, stone work, jewellery making... to name but a few are the arts and crafts of the Gujarati people

The most impressive for me is the hand block printing trade. Gujarat dominated the cotton trade through ages and is still today a major producer of block prints. The combination of printing with mordant dyeing is typical of the technique in many parts of Gujarat with hand carved woven blocks and prints on fabric. You will find hand block printing on items like salwar suits, shirts, kurtas, jackets, skirts, sarees, dupattas, dress-materials, furnishings like bed-covers, pillow covers, table cloth, napkin set, curtains.

Festivals and fairs

The most famous festivals in Gujarat are:

Navrati - A lively celebration that exhibits the colorful culture of Gujarat through acoustic music and dance. This is your chance to dress in ethnic Gujarati costume

Rann Utsav - Cultural performances, best of Gujarati handicraft & handloom, a stay in the tent city, local sightseeing tours, safari in Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary and bird watching

Shamlaji Melo - A gathering of devotees, a cultural and traditional experience, and a nice collection of ornaments in local stalls

Vautha Mela - Beautifully decorated animals, stalls selling everything from handicrafts to machineries, Hindu traditions being performed on river bank, tents and delicious local cuisines

International Kite Festival - Kite flying competition between locals and even international participants, numerous colorful kites in different shapes and sizes (lighted kites, sports kites, hand-painted kites, 500 kites in a string), delicious Gujarati food items like Undhiyu

Modhera Dance Festival - Classical dance and music performances by professionals, a peep into the history of the vicinity and a lovely setting with colorful lights

Bhavnath Mahadev Fair - Processions, prayers, dance, music, martial arts, stalls selling idols, sweets and rosaries

Rath Yatra - A traditional and cultural extravaganza in which exciting parade and prayers take place

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